Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Koi Pond

Arggghhhhhh! I can't stand it! I cannot seem to find the "perfect" spot for the little fish pond we got from our neighbor.

We have tried it in the flower bed inside the courtyard...not enough room to use retaining wall block to cover up some of the pond form so...

P1050406 I've got it in the corner of the courtyard up next to the sliding glass door and thought I liked it there. So we went to Lowe's and bought some decorative stone and now it seems I'm going to have to move it out from the glass door some more.

There is not enough room for the stone between the glass and the upper edge of the pond. I don't like being able to see the black plastic from inside the house. Things like that really bug me and it's something I would see all the time. That is the door (and yeah,...I noticed that the bottom of the door needs painting! LOL) that leads out to the courtyard from our eat-in kitchen. My husband is not a perfectionist like me. I think that is probably a good thing in some respects but it's worth the time, effort and SWEAT to me to go ahead and pull it out some more.

Maybe with a little "buttering up" I'll be able to get him to help me. We'll see! I hope your week is going good.

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