Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Date to Remember!

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My husband took me on a date a couple of weeks ago that lasted well into the night. We drove to Panama City Beach, Florida and browsed through Rosemary Beach...

...meandering down the streets and taking in the sights.

John said it looked like the thing to do was to ride bicycles everywhere. Dads, moms, and children were all riding them. The moms' bikes had cute little baskets on the handlebars to carry whatever needed carrying. It is a charming little town...

...and it's like something straight out of a book!

Then we headed to the beach and enjoyed the ocean. I have a very keen olfactory sense and didn't smell any oil nor did we see any signs of any. I must admit I was a little surprised. I figured from all we've seen on television that there would be some signs of some of it. We didn't even see any of the booms they're using to keep it from coming inland and the sand is still the beautiful white color it's always been.

I didn't do any swimming but John did enjoy spending some time in the water. I did what I always like to do: I walked along the shore and gathered shells. FUN!!!

After we got all the sand off of us (which is no easy task), we went out to eat.

Our destination ended up being Sharky's! We split a broiled seafood dinner which was to die for! Yum-yum! After that, we started the drive back home. My job was to keep Rentman awake which I did thankfully! He did scare me a time or two though! I kept telling him to keep it between the lines!

It was a very lovely date and one that we hope to repeat again soon!

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