Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Random Day in the Life

I took several pictures of very different things the other day. Just thought I would share them with you. It seems that my life has been going this way, too. Just randomness--nothing major (which I'm thankful for).

I got a Fire King blue bowl from eBay. Yay! Isn't it pretty? I've also acquired several of the Jadeite ones, too. I love old things! They make me happy!

I cooked some peas and turnips from the freezer (with ham hocks). Shhh...don't tell anyone. I know it's not healthy but it sure tastes good, doesn't it?!? I don't usually cook my vegetables like this but I found some in the freezer I put up a couple of years ago. Every now and then I splurge and cook us up something very Southern! Yum, very good!

Jacob, my great-nephew stopped by with his mom and dad to bring me some pictures. He's a doll, isn't he? Look at those blue eyes. He gets them from both parents.

This may or may not be his cute little baby butt! By the way, it wasn't one of the pictures they brought me! LOL

After Rentman got home, we sat outside on the courtyard and rested after a long day. Mr. Luke must have had a tough day, too! He's chillin'!

Maddie played some ball while Lizzie watched.

She did not want to share her ball with Molly either. She can be so stingy! I guess that's what happens when you have extra-short legs. You become grumpy and don't like to share your toys. At least that's what Maddie says!

We also had crushed ice! It's so good when it's hot outside! The Min-Pins and the Poms love it. They always have! I'm not sure when or how I discovered that. Probably one day when I was crunching ice from a cup. I love to do that, too! I just don't like to share a bowl with them. They get rather slobbery at times!

This is a pretty little zinnia that was left over from a couple of urns I planted for the front porch. It's just hanging out waiting for its place of honor.

Here's a big-leaf Coreopsis. It's going to go in the back perennial flower garden. I'm waiting for its root system to get a little stronger. I got it from a dig I did with the Master Gardeners. That was so much fun! I love to play in the dirt. It's good for the soul!

This is a petunia I got from Lowes. I could NOT resist it! I love red and I love it was a no-brainer! It has also tripled in size and is lovely!

This is a knock-out rose I got probably 2 or 3 years ago. It has quadrupled in size (at least) and really needs to be cut back but I can't do it right now. There's way too many beautiful roses on it.

Just look at all the little rose buds there waiting to show their pretty little faces!

This picture sort of reminds me of life. Some of the roses have lived full lives and are now all but a memory while others are just beginning their lives and are full of promise just waiting for the right time to open up and bring joy to those who take time to enjoy their beauty!

Stop and smell the roses today and if you get close enough and slow down enough, you might even get a whiff of the wonderful fragrance that clings to them.

By the way, Happy Earth Day! Let's take extra good care of her. She's been good to us!

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Unknown said...

The baby...oh, the baby. So delicious : )
And the dogs. Cute as can be! What a great idea with the crushed ice. Who would have ever thought? : )

I saw your comment just a moment ago at Miz Booshay's blog and I just had to come and say hi to you : )

You are a great encourager!

PS LOVE your red petunia. Who could resist that wonderfulness? : ) Not me!