Monday, March 1, 2010

So Happy Together

Rentman and I had a wonderful Sunday afternoon! We went for a drive to Lake Seminole yesterday and got to see some beautiful countryside and lots of cows! I always like to see cows. Not sure why, I just think they are fascinating creatures. I don't like to think about how much I love filet mignon while I'm looking at them. (sshhhh, don't tell them I said that)

We saw these 2 birds (not sure what they are) as we were driving down the road. You can see their nest to the left of them. They were just sitting there and acted as though we were not present the whole time. I was grateful for that as I was able to get some decent pictures of them. Unfortunately, I don't have that zoom lens I've been wanting so I wasn't able to get a really good close-up. I did crop one though and it's okay.

Does anyone know what kind of bird they are?

copy of DSC_5530
Also, notice the reflection of the trees in the water. Isn't that lovely? I didn't notice it at first but when I was previewing my pictures as I would take them, I saw it and then really starting working to get better shots. I adjusted the color and saturation on this one. The sky looks so much nicer to me. Compare it to the other ones. What do you think?

copy DSC_5557
This one was at a boat landing. The water was very still so the reflection was nearly perfect! It is as pretty as the actual picture. Nature is so beautiful when we slow down enough to notice it. It holds so many surprises just for the taking. I'm glad we were 'takers' yesterday. We don't do that often enough. The sun was starting to set so we knew we were running out of time for many more pictures.

copy DSC_5559
This was along the bank of the boat landing. The sun was turning things an orangish {okay, maybe that's not really a word} color.

copy DSC_5569
Notice how beautiful the sun is shining through the bushes as it's setting! God has an astonishing paint brush, doesn't He?

I think they made their point pretty clear here, too! But I would have been too scared of snakes and gators to worry much about fishing. It was getting creepy especially when the sun started going down. Not somewhere I would want to be after dark.

I took this through the windshield while we were driving home.

This one, too.

Rentman liked this one and pulled off the road for me to get a picture of it. How thoughtful he is!

copy DSC_5613
Look what we pulled up next to at the red light! An end to a lovely day with 'icing on the cake'! Look at that cute smile!


Anonymous said...

The birds...I think they might be osprey.

Amber@Munchkin Land said...

Congratulations on winning the spending spree at Timeless Treasures (! Contact me so we can work out the details of your order, I can't wait! :o)

Great pictures by the way!


Donna Boucher said...

Just stopping by to guess...osprey, too :o)

Michigan Food Blog said...

hmm...i think osprey too? i cant wait till its warm out and i can go for those walks again

Mom in High Heels said...

Beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog!