Monday, February 22, 2010

Momma T, A Loyal Friend

Rentman and I sat outside with the babies yesterday afternoon for a while.

m & m
The Poms were with him and I had the Min-Pins. I treasure these days more than I used to.

Tess, our oldest Miniature Pinscher, is not doing good and at this point, we don't know how much longer we're going to have her. We learned a few weeks ago that she has congestive heart failure. It was devastating news since I've had her since she was 4 months old.

She will be 14 years old on May 19th. She and I share the same birth date, with the exception of the year. She has been a very loyal and loving companion during our time together. I have to say we bonded immediately when I discovered her at the pet store. Then I saw her birth date and knew that it was a "sign from God" that we were supposed to be together! I know, you think I'm fooling, but seriously, I knew immediately that I was going to have her for my own.

I took her home and we have been together through thick and thin. She has had 2 litters of puppies; 4 the first litter; 6 the second litter. She was the best mom in the world.

After delivering her first litter of pups, she would not leave them long enough to go get a drink of water and eating was out of the question! I had her in a little bed beside my bed and when I realized that she was not leaving them at all, I went and got her some water to drink. She almost drank it all! Bless her heart, she has always been so attentive to them but was a firm disciplinarian.

Lizzie and Mommy
Not to mention she hasn't had much rest since two of her children have never left home!

Tess, Mr. Luke, & Lizzie
One of them, Lizzie the daughter, ( the little 6 lb. stick of dynamite) is almost 12 years old equating to approximately 84 years old in human life.

Taking a nap
Then there is Mr. Luke (the chocolate one) who will be 11 in March. He would be 77 in human years. So Tess is almost 98 years old (human years) and has her 84 and 77 year old children living with her and they have never left home.

What state of mind would you be in? I would probably be crazy as a loon, whatever that means!

What I know is I will cherish her every day until we have to say goodbye. As painful as that day will be, I will know that I loved her just as much as she loved me and I am a better person because of that little black and tan angel!

6.16.01 One of his favorite things to do (feeding the fish)
I think they bring out the best in all of us! I think that's why God put them on earth, to give us a glimpse of His love for us!

Have you hugged your dog today? Give it an extra hug from me!


Mama Bear said...

oh your babies are precious, I have two aging dogs myself, and when you said give your dog a hug, ah tears in my eyes, enjoy that precious time you have (((hugs)))

The Runyans said...

your dogs are adorable. our lab will be a year in march. . .so she's still a fresh and fisky thing!

thanks for leaving a message so i could visit your blog!!!
have a blessed day!!!