Thursday, February 4, 2010

Home...Sweet, Sweet Home

Before tweaking...

DSC_5082 sis and mom
After tweaking...

Well, as promised, her is a pic of my sister with Mom. Look at her hair! Isn't it beautiful??? She is really enjoying not having to wear caps and/or wigs anymore and who wouldn't be? The texture of her hair is coarser than it was pre-chemo but, from what I've heard, it usually goes back to the way it was prior to treatment. It just takes a while. Plus it came back in curly and very dark with some gray. Geez sister, you can't have it all now! I have to put up with the gray, too! Just don't tell anybody, okay? It's a secret!!!

DSC_5083 self portrait of me and mom
Here's an unsuccessful attempt of a self portrait of me and Mom. LOL My sis offered to take one of us for me. My arm proved to be too short!


DSC_5084 me and mom

She did a good job, didn't she? I am still practicing with my 50mm lens and NOT using the flash indoors. That has been a difficult task for me. I am so used to using my flash inside so ONLY using what light is available is nearly impossible at times but I still want to take pictures. What's a girl to do??? That's right...keep practicing. Practice makes permanent! I never realized before I started learning more about photography what a difference it made when using the flash with your camera.

See? It really blows out the subject. But I'm going to keep practicing. For more on this subject, please refer to Donna Boucher, a natural light photographer! Miz Booshay, as she is known for her work on The Pioneer Woman's website is one of the best around! Her skills are amazing and the light seems to follow her wherever she goes! She does tutorials on PW's website and I have learned a lot from her and PW, too. Oh, by the way, the before and afters on here are before I lightened the contrast and color to where they were presentable. That's something else I'm working on learning.

Man, this blog has been all over the place! Back to where I was...

Maddie and Molly are ready for bed in the RV which we usually take with us to Georgia if we are spending a day or more because it's just what we do! It's our "traveling home away from home" and we love having it and using it.

And how cute is this? She was trying to tell me she had to 'potty' when we were in the RV headed to Mom and Dad's. I told her Daddy and he immediately started looking for a place to stop. She has just the cutest little face to me!

Hope you are all having a great week and I'm trying not to be too jealous of my "friends" who went to Nashville, Tennessee for Blissdom. I can't wait to hear what great things they have to say about it. Hopefully next year I might get up the nerve to go. But gosh, all those people, hundreds of them...I'm starting to sweat just thinking about it!


Donna Boucher said...

Thank you for the super sweet comments. You are a doll.

I don't mind the flash picture of your grandma at all. In fact I like it :o)

One little thing....I make people sit in the light. And you just gave me an idea. I know what spots have light in my I go to them. If I am at a family party....I make people come over to the window or a spot I can see has some pretty light. Then I take the pictures. And if the light stinks. I either don't take pictures at all or I use a flash.

That's why it looks like I only shoot in pretty light....cause....I only shoot in pretty light :o)

Love you!

Maria Killam said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Nice to see photos of your family and your dogs :)