Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

We had the best time on New Year's Eve with some friends. We went to their house and hung out in the garage and listened to the band.

This is Susan, the wife of the guitarist, Lamar. She is probably one of the "sweetest" people I have ever met! Seriously!

Lamar, the guitarist, is a super nice guy too! They make the greatest couple and go together like peas and carrots, cornbread and milk, chicken and dumplings--you get the idea??? We had such a good time, met some new folks, chatted away playing catch-up on who was doing what and did some serious rocking out to great music!

Randy plays the keyboard and sings. I met him through my husband. They hang out together at the coffeeshop (aka McDonalds) on weekends. Rentman goes every day but Randy only makes it on the weekend due to his work.




Thanks again to Lamar and Susan for opening their home and their garage to friends. We had a blast!

P.S. I will be waiting on my invitation to that Valentine's Party you mentioned, Susan! LOL

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