Thursday, January 21, 2010

From freezing cold (literally) to needing a boat...

weather radar pic
Well, the freezing cold weather has left us--but has been replaced by rain and more rain. Last time I checked, we had received over 2.5" of the wet stuff. That's a lot, folks! It has rained continuously, sometimes in torrential downpours, since yesterday afternoon.

This was the forecast 9 days ago. You see the lows were falling into the 20s. We aren't used to that kind of cold here! It even got into the teens a few nights. Brrrrr...that's cold!

Here is our current 5-day forecast. Quite a change in evening temps over the past 9 days, wouldn't you say?

Well, excuse me as I go find some galoshes, an umbrella, and my boat as I have a doctor's appointment this morning and things aren't looking good as far as me NOT getting wet. Hope you have a happy "dry" day!

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