Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Heart of Thanksgiving Part III

Downtown Moultrie, Georgia

reindeer downtown Moultrie (5)
When I was a little girl {which was a long time ago}, we would go downtown after Thanksgiving and ride around and look at all the lights. They would start hanging them at the top of the courthouse and string them down and then across the streets. It has always been something I loved to see! It's a big thing now, including reindeer with Santa's sleigh, as you can see.

Cricket, David and Squirt
David, Cricket and Squirt got to strike a pose in front of the big Christmas tree. I guess Squirt is a little camera shy as I had a difficult time getting her to look at me! There was way too much other stuff for her to look at!

Joe, Melba, Mott and John (2)
Then it was our turn--my brother-in-law, Joe, my sister, Melba, me and the hubs, John. A year ago, Melba was undergoing chemo after having had a mastectomy. She didn't get to come home for Thanksgiving and it was so hard not having her there with us. We are all so very thankful that she is finished with all the chemo and radiation and that she is doing so good! Her hair is about 2-3 inches long now but she is still more comfortable wearing her cap!

Lindsey, Waylon and Jacob 2
Lindsey, Jacob and Waylon got their turn, too! Jacob is 7 months old and he is a "big boy"! I don't see how my niece carries him around but as you can see, he gets it honest! His daddy is 6'4" himself! He is squatting beside Lindsey for me to take their picture.

Lindsey, Waylon and Jacob
Here's one that shows what he has to do to "fit in the picture" with them.

KG riding the pony (7)
Kylie got to ride the pony! Her papa said something to her about riding the pony and she said, "It's not a pony, it's a horse"!

Moultrie Christmas lights downtown at courthouse
Isn't it beautiful??? I love the old courthouses with all their charm!

One more picture before I close...

closeup of I don't want to leave!
There was a little girl that didn't want to leave--but I bet you figured that one out for yourself, didn't you!

I hope your week was a good one and can you believe Christmas is just around the corner???

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