Monday, November 16, 2009

Cannot go out of town--not safe!

As some of you know, I went to Moultrie Saturday to help out with Mom and Dad. Rentman aka husband, stayed home to watch the Alabama game and nap and whatever else he wanted to do! Plus, a house near us was having an auction and he loves them! What more can I say? He absolutely loves them! The only problem is, sometimes he sort of looses control and just starts bidding on stuff.


And not just one item, but boxes full of items. Lots of boxes...


...boxes that he has no idea what they contain! They could have newspapers in the bottoms of them--but that is not his concern! His concern is that the boxes full of stuff only costs $5.00. That is what matters, I tell you! And oh, at the money he can make. $$$ signs are dancing in his eyes. Earth, calling John. Wake up, reality is knocking here, Dear!


He has definite plans for this "stuff". He is planning on US having a garage sale and as he put it-- "we'll sit outside for a couple of days and drink coffee and sell everything". What doesn't sell, he will take to the road--if that gives you any idea of the value of some of this "stuff".


When I asked about what part of the money I would get for "sitting outside and drinking coffee with him for 2 days", he was rather evasive in giving me an answer. As you can imagine, this causes me some concern. I am NOT a morning person and to have a successful garage sale, that is one of the requirements--rise early around 5ish!


I will probably end up helping him, not that I want to because he won't let me have anything that's out there. I mean, really, I told him I would pay for it. But for some reason (not that I don't have enough stuff already), he doesn't want me to "buy" anything. So--does anyone need an orange chair??? It's not too early to start Christmas shopping, you know!


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