Saturday, September 19, 2009



I had a friend drop by the other day. I don't normally care for that...but this is an extra-special friend. She is really a jewel ! I was feeling a little down in the dumps and had been having a pity party about first one thing then another, when I heard the doorbell ring AGAIN. I thought to myself, who is it now? The first time it was 2 men selling security systems. I promptly told them when you have dogs, you don't need a security system; you already have living, breathing ones!

Anyway, my girlfriend, Donna (or Diz as she is so affectionately called by most of us girls) stayed and visited for about an hour and a half. We sat out on the courtyard, drank some Merlot, and just caught up on stuff! She had me laughing and we talked about the many things that had been going on in our lives.

My hubs had called right after she got here to tell me to go outside and look in the sky at a rainbow. I grabbed my camera and we went out and sure enough, right up there in the heavens, was a rainbow that reached from end to end, if that's how you would describe it. It made a full half-circle. It was the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen, with the exception of when my maternal grandmother died, on the day of her funeral, there was a double rainbow in the sky!


I got quite a few really good pics of Diz...




and more of the rainbow...

The Rainbow


Well, as all good things must come to an end, Diz had to leave. But let me tell you something! Her visit did wonders for me. I have really been going through a hard time for well over a year now with so many illnesses in our family, including my husband, myself, my children, worrying about my parents as they age (my Mom has Alzheimer's Disease), my sisters (1 has breast cancer) and I guess just life in general. I feel as if I've been beaten down and am having a terrible time getting back up. When I do manage to get up, something else comes and knocks me down again. So I've adapted to standing up a little slower so I don't have as far to fall. When she left, she promised me a ride in her newest convertible and that she would come back soon!

What more could I ask for? Dear, dear Friend, thank you so very much! I needed you today and no one else could have helped me like you did! I love you, Diz, I really do! Don't ever forget that!

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Donna Reetz said...

I love you Mott, and just as I was there for you that day ... reading this today was what I needed most in life. Today is hard!!!! And if you don't think that God puts people in our paths for a reason, you probably aren't breathing. I love you Girlfriend !!!!