Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Two of My Favorite People

This is my sister, Melba, and our mom. My sister is holding our great-nephew, Jacob. He belongs to our oldest sister's daughter, Lindsey and her husband, Waylon. I guess "belongs to" equates to "is the child of"! Jacob is almost 4 months old...can you believe the size of this little one??? He is a big boy like his daddy. I seriously don't see how my niece carries him around. She is a tiny little thing as you can see in this picture.

I remember when she got so excited because she had tipped the scales at 100 lbs. Well, isn't that something to be excited about??? I've probably only weighed that once in my life and unfortunately cannot remember the time but...back to the first of "Two of My Favorite People".

Melba has had problems with skin cancers in the past but has always had them removed. Last year she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a mastectomy (with reconstruction) and has completed chemotherapy and radiation. She has truly come through this like a champ! Joe, her husband of 38 years has been a blessing beyond words! He has taken very good care of her.

This picture was taken last year shortly before her surgery and treatment. We were celebrating their son-in-law's birthday, at his favorite restaurant in Augusta, Georgia...

...which leads me to the second of "Two of My Favorite People", Kylie Grace who "belongs to" Mindy, Melba and Joe's oldest daughter's little girl. And I must not forget Nate (pictured above), Mindy's husband. He is such a blessing to our entire family. He is truly a wonderful father to little Kylie and I cannot imagine this child growing up to be anything short of spectacular having such delightful parents! Kylie Grace (or KG to some) is such a little ham! She doesn't seem to mind having her picture made which is a good thing because her Auntie M (me) always has her camera on hand!

Don't you just love those blonde curls? Melba (aka Nana) and Kylie came into each others lives at just the right time. Sis gets several "doses" of Kylie on a regular basis which has proved to be one of the best medicines ever!

Today I honor "Two of My Favorite People" in the whole wide world!

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