Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dadburn Dining Room Chairs

I am trying to recover some dinette chairs for my mom. You would think it would be an easy task considering no more than there is to be done.! I have had the most difficult time getting the backs done and have yet to finish even one of them. I won't divulge how long I've had the chairs and will die of embarrassment if my DH tells.

I think my No. 1 problem is that I do not have a pattern. I have always used patterns in the past when sewing. Not that they make them easy to understand but at any rate, at least you have something to go by. Plus, the fabric that was on them was vinyl and what I bought to use is similar to a suede and somewhat thick. AND, I am stapling the fabric directly to the chair backs or using double (like you would think I was using single) welt.

So my DH has offered to pay up to $100.00 if I will take the chairs to an upholstery shop and just "have them finished!" You would think they were in the middle of the living room sitting there like pink elephants but they are actually out of sight in the garage where they have been since he packed up all my sewing stuff and stacked it in a corner.

Is it just me or do I have an exceptional husband? Since he did that, I have had no desire to finish the project and time just seems to pass, month by month.

Oh well, there's always tomorrow!

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